Western Academic Publishing is a nonprofit corporation registered in Stanford, North America whose primary mission it is to publish and endorse well-crafted literature, especially amongst young generations.

  • We concentrate on publishing the work of superior contemporary writers whose work has been overlooked by commercial publishers.
  • We have a relationship with our authors and view them as partners
  • We support our talented writers by ensuring their books are edited with care and are available in a variety of locations.
  • We do not simply view these works of writing as text but rather as artistic pieces and the we focus on producing stunning designs to correspond with the written beauty that exists in these works of literature.
  • We believe art and literature are fundamental to the understanding, learning and progress of our global community and strive to enrich society.
  • We believe excellent literary works have no boundaries (such as age, gender, cultural background, language or any other factors) and are open to welcoming all genres, themes and writers