Do you have any questions? Took a look below for responses to frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question below, please feel free to email your inquiry to us directly.

General Inquiries 

1.) Do you accept open submissions or should they be anonymous?

The editors read the works with no authors listed on the submission. Do not include your name anywhere on the actual MS. Please list your name and contact info on the “cover letter” section. Be sure to include a brief biography.

2.) Should I email my submission directly to one of our editors?
The specific details as listed on our submission page. Please refer to that page for specific instructions about submissions.

3.) Can I still submit my work if I know the editor?
Yes, the submissions are anonymous.

4.) Do you accept works written in a language other than English?
At this time we only accept works writing in English. Should this change we will update our policy information.

5.) Do you accept international submissions?
Yes. Writers of any age, from any where in the world can submit their work. We welcome everyone.

6.) Can I submit a collection of short stories rather than a novel?

7.) Do you accept new and selected poetry collections?
As long as you own the rights to the work submitted we would accept that submission.

8.) Should a prose MS be double-spaced?

9.) Do you publish all genres connected to fiction writing?
No (this doesn’t mean your book can’t have elements of mystery, fantasy, romance, etc.).

10.) Do you publish YA or children’s books?

11.) Do you accept hybrid texts?
We welcome all forms of creative writing, but when submitting works of fiction we suggest focuses on the best fit for the genre.

12.) Do you accept co-authored works?
Yes, as long as all parties are submitting the work together.

13.) Do you offer feedback for authors?
Unfortunately, no.

14.) Can I submit more than one MS?
Yes, you can submit as many as you’d like. Please note that there is a reading fee associated with each submission.